Saturday, May 19, 2007


Went and took the new ACLS class yesterday, and the first thing I noticed right off was that the book was a lot thinner then my clunky old 2004 edition. A lot of the protocols have been streamlined, and it seems a little easier and simpler to comprehend. I passed the test 25/27 (missed an AED and Team Member question) and nailed my strips section, a relief for me as I consider that one of my least proficient partner say that's it just new patch paranoia but I've yet to convince myself of this.

I went out to the bar afterward and after some cajoling and several rounds of drinks I am proud to announce I'll be precepted by my first choice, a flight medic with an incredible amount of experience and clinical knowledge who is also blessed with my similar deranged sense of humor.

I start after taking a few orientee classes next week....I'm So Excited! I'm So Scared!

Not really. The worst thing happens is I kill someone. They probably deserved it, anyway.

That'll go ever well in court. Sheeeit.


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