Saturday, May 19, 2007

- License to Kill.

Received my Paramedic Registry stuff in the mail today. It was weird and anticlimactic to open up the first class envelope and drop the Patch into my hand. The Patch is Blue and Gold. The Patch is what I will now wear on my shoulder. The Patch I've worked two years for. The Patch I saw in my daydreams, standing proud in front of a thousand adoring fans.

This Patch is a blessing.

The Patch helps me realize that if I apply myself I will be rewarded.

The Patch is also a sign that I need to mature. The Patch brings great responsibility, and I will need to start acting like an adult.

I must be master of The Patch - of the skills and techniques it states I can perform - and must uphold the reputation The Patch grants to the best of my ability.

I am only just beginning the first step of my Paramedic journey...The Patch is my talisman, my fetish, my mark, proof that I can take the heat as well as take a test...but also, I think it's important to remember.

The Patch?

It's just a patch.


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