Friday, May 25, 2007

- Linky Love

First things first: I owe Ambulance Driver a debt of gratitude for discussing a call with me the other day that had been bothering me. I can't go into the details but I thank him for the email he sent because it gave me a clearer perspective on what had happened! Hats off, and I owe you a beer.

Secondly, if you haven't checked out Peter Canning's Street Watch it's worth doing - the man is an incredible writer and penned an online novella - Mortal Men. It was excellent.

Got two posts a-brewin' - one about my partner, and one about a pretty bad accident we ran awhile back.

Stay Tuned!



Toledo, Oregon CERT said...

This is an excellent blog, too! Keep it up...

Loving Annie said...

AD is great, isn't he !

Just went to check out Street Watch.

Thanks !