Saturday, May 12, 2007

- Once More into the Breech, Dear Friends

Got this thing up and running. To commemorate this first post, I give you this, my paramedic results I received in the mail today.

Airway Breathing - 23/30 - 77% (63% min)
Cardiology - 25/31 - 81% (61% min)
Trauma - 27/32 - 84% (63% min)
Medical - 18/30 - 60% (60% min - whew!)
OB/Peds - 22/30 - 73%(60% min)
EMS Ops - 25/27 - 93% (0% min)

Overall score - 140/180 - 78% (70% min)

What does this mean?

Yours Truly is now a Nationally Registered EMT-Paramedic.

God help us.



Ambulance Driver said...

Conga Rats!

Now you will be able to kill people with far greater efficiency than was ever possible as an EMT-B!

Don't drink too much celebrating, ya hear?

Medicmarch. said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, people are reading this thing already? I thought I'd at least get a grace period of a coupla weeks before the whole derned interweb started gaping at my pathetic rantings.

As for celebrating, I closed down my favorite bar and took home a lady.

We didn't do anything, mind you, but damnit, it's the thought that counts.