Monday, June 18, 2007

- Call Notes Of the Week

These notes are all from the same call:
-Pt is yelling and screaming, b/f says she is hallucinating
-Pt has psych History
-Pt has Hep C
-Pt located in front yard
-Pt has history of sniffing Paint Thinner
As we roll up on scene:
-Sheriff's office enroute, ETA 4-6
It was a long ass 4 minutes. I'll post this call later - it's too hilarious.

Conversations this Week:

Dispatch: *Unit XXX?*
MM: *Unit xxx, go ahead.*
Dispatch: *Unit XXX?*
MM: *Unit xxx, go ahead, dispatch.*


: *Unit XXX?*
MM (flustered): The piece of shit isn't working. *Unit XXX, go ahead dispatch*

::another Pause::

-with a tender, almost frightened inflection: *Unit XXX? XXX, come back for HQ. HQ to unit XXX.*
Partner: Wait, is the radio Turned On?
Dispatch: *Unit XXX?*
MM: It has to be, we can hear him.
Dispatch: *Unit XXX?*
Partner: Well Crap, try it again.
Dispatch: *Unit XXX?*
MM: (bangs on console) *Dispatch, go ahead. *
Dispatch: *Unit XXX? Down to Our Lady of Something or Other, got a psych transfer out for you.*
MM: *Roger.* Damnit. Well, let's go.
Partner: "We should've said it was broke."

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Loving Annie said...

I want to hear the paint thinner sniffer story !

Happy Mnday to you, Medicmarch !