Monday, June 18, 2007

- Here goes nothing

So in less than two hours I begin my real clear time - the company's official start to my clearance process. I'm been lucky enough to have been paired with my first choice, Spiderman - talented, smart, and humorous. I hope I kick some serious call ass tonight - although with my luck we'll log on and take a long distance transfer to Canada or some other nonsense.

Once Again, Into the Breech, Dear Friends.



Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday morning Medicmarch,

Glad you got Spiderman ! Have fun ! Looking forward to reading about it !

Is it payday, or is there a full moon ???

Prayers for it to be BUSY and you to show off your life-saving skills -- or at least have some great stories !

U.P. Medic said...

Good luck and have fun! Now it will probably be the slowest days of the year for you...

Loving Annie said...

So how is it going, Medic ? It's Thursday already ? any good calls ?