Friday, June 29, 2007

- Ok

I swear I'm still alive. The birthday thing slowed me down for a few days - some guy bet me I couldn't drink my bodyweight in beer.

Silly Mortal.

Anyway, lots of fun calls and stuff happening lately and I don't go back to work until Monday so stay tuned.


Loving Annie said...
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Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday morning to you, Medicmarch,

Snicker. I cannot imagine how much beer your must have consumed...

Looking forward to hearing about your fun calls... and the denture story !

Loving Annie said...

I got embarrassed. I didn't want you to think I was inappropriate... (hangs head shyly -
while checking to see if you're going to egg me on anyway :)

Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning July 1st Medicmarch,

Of COURSE I read your blog :)

Okay, you're in trouble now.... You've just given me free reign to be flippant and politically incorrect and unleashed me... :)