Saturday, July 14, 2007

- I'm in ur lolcatz, owning ur photos

I'm not sure LOLCATZ will like my submission, but this is America, and I'm sending it in!


PS - Some of you make this is gross or unfunny. I don't care. I think it is. If you've been reading here long enough you need to come to the conclusion I may offend your sensibilities every once in a while, but usually I pop right back with something that makes you wet your pants. So if this bothers you, stick around. Or not. It doesn't matter. It's just a blog, guys.

PPS I don't abuse cats, or even dislike them. I just think this is funny.

PPPS - Also please note the new poll - your voting is encouraged.

PPPPS - I suddenly realized that my draft version of this didnt have an "h" after the C in "Cheezeburgers" was the one I sent in to LOLCATS. Oh well, they're not going to post it anyway.


Ericka said...

*snort giggles* I snorted my iced because of you! Funniest LOLCatz thing I've seen in a looong time.

Loving Annie said...

My cat was very offended and went to her litter box immediately to show her displeasure.

MonkeyGirl said...

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Loving Annie said...

p.s. I voted. Can you tell what I said ???

Medicmarch. said...

I can guess.

yummysoda said...

you know it's proven that people who enjoy animal abuse are weird in the head, and all but on interviewed serial killer said they liked animal abuse? interesting you have the same characteristics..

yummysoda said...
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Medicmarch. said...

I wonder if you are made of vinegar and water, because you share all the characteristics of being a douche.

It's interesting you have the same characteristics.