Sunday, September 16, 2007

- Switchblade McGrew

So my buddy Chad is currently in Iraq.

I'm not going to go into the politics involved. I've already said this.

Well, Chad is sending me a present. I had mentioned to him how upset I was that my old SpyderCo G-10 was stolen - it fell out of my pocket one night while laying on a couch, and when I went back the next day it was no where to be found. It was a great knife that I really enjoyed and I got a lot of use out of - it worked fantastic and handled whatever I tossed at it.

So I was chatting with him about it and he told me that in 4-6 weeks I shall be receiving this :

Pretty, No? A real nice knife, expensive, but it's gotten good reviews.

I'm excited! Are you excited?



Ribeye of your Dreams said...

I want one too! I have a few friends who are shipping out in 6 days, and I'm kinda upset about it. They know how I feel about it. I've told them all that I don't agree with the mission itself, but I support them, and have told them to make sure they come back.

Get me a knife too

NYC EMS said...

I just orderd this....Kershaw Tools: Carabiner Silver Five-In-One Multitool 1004SLX

bertha said...

Oooh... and I have a birthday coming up...

Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday evening MedicMarch, Uhmmmm, knives don't excite me. Maybe it's a guy/testosterone thing.
But it sounds like you are happy, so, may it give you many years of usefulness !

Loving Annie said...

Hope that you have a great weekend, MM !

PDXEMT said...

I have carried one of those (or a very similar model) for a few years now on the car. Really like it. Benchmade makes very, very, very good tools.

Oh, and hi. Just found your blog. Liking it.