Tuesday, October 23, 2007

- 10 percent of 100 grand

I guess you guys might be paying attention after all.

Wretham, MA, thanks for being #10,000.

As way of compensation for all you guys putting up with me, I want you guys to leave a comment on this entry of a subject you want me to blog on. the only thing I'm not willing to blog about is politics or the war, so other than that....shoot.



Sarita said...

Well, you have a great method of expression so any old thing. If you like sports that's always good.

Medic 61 said...

Whenever a blogger says I can ask for a blog about anything, I always draw a blank.
I agree with sarita, then...sports? Especially football?
Sorry I'm lame!

brittany said...

How about the career you'd have if you weren't a paramedic? That might be interesting.

pelican said...

More on what you're going to do to manage the Lazy Partner situation ... that is Teh Suck.

Loving Annie said...

Uhmmm, let's see.
How about why your best friend is your best friend, and the impact he or she has on your life, and what a difference they make because of it.

rob rob the party slob said...

this reminds me of the first time I took a new medic into the field in Iraq. I pfc right out of school. He basically quoted the "hollywood" line. Then he said I can't believe we just got to watch a guy get shot. It's hard to imagine that people just don't get it sometimes. When did the words get to go with get shot?