Tuesday, October 30, 2007

- God Laughs At Me

I had written down what I wanted to say. It was about two pages long, and I had it memorized. I carpool with Lazy Partner, so I was going to have a captive audience. It detailed why I'm unhappy with her performance and why, even though I thought she was nice enough, I'm giving her this talking to. That she needed to mature as a person, as an employee, and as a medic. That she gets paid a lot more than I did when I started as an EMT although she's not doing half the job. That she needs to work on every area of her job performance. That she needs to listen to my orders and obey them, and if she has questions, to ask me after the call. That she needs to learn how to work a god damned mop.

I had written all this out in the nicest manner. It was ready to go for our ride to work later that week.

I arrive to work to find someone different at the station.

"Didn't you hear?" She says, when I question Lazy Partner's where-a-bouts.

Hmmmm. "Nope."

"She's working with Redhead Medic now, on the other shift. She says she thinks she needs to work with someone with more experience."

I am, as always, the last to know. Apparently last shift when I was outside washing the unit by myself, she was inside with the oncoming crew, telling me she wants to work with someone who can teach her better. They told me as much when I mentioned to them this morning that she was switching - Ice Cold Medic tells me "Oh, yeah. That's what I heard. She mentioned that Friday."

What Lazy Partner apparently does not know is that RedHead Medic is a lot less patient then I am, doesn't help out with the driving, and has no tolerance for any bit of BS. This will be...entertaining.

All that effort for nothing.



Anonymous said...

I feel strongly that you should pass a written version on to your Stupe, as well as her new beau.

This can reflect negatively on YOU in the future.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like she's making excuses to herself and others for her inadequate performance. She's using your relative inexperience as a medic to justify her poor performance.. that is, if everything is as you say. That's not to say I doubt you, but there are two sides to every story. Sounds like you did your best with what you had to work with.

Keep writing, your blog rocks!

PresterSean said...

Keep us updated on this- and CYA!

Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday evening to you, Medic March.
CYA with that two page list to a supervisor.
Yet it does sound like some justice is being done since she has outsmarted herself with that Red Head Medic maneuver.

JeRRTep said...

the boyfriend had a chick just like that on his line at work, she wouldn't do anything EVER and she would totally smart off to him on anything he said, she would just look at him as though he were the stupidest guy in the world if he asked her to do something...so then she goes and complains to their superviser and the superviser decides to move her to a different plant and he tried to scold my boyfriend over it, then it turned out that other people were making the same complaints about her and her laziness so she ended up getting the boot for low performance...who's smilin now???
people eventually wake up and realize they've been taken...then they get even...so it all works out in the end...
just be thankful she's someone elses problem now!!

NYC EMS said...

She will switch around till she can find a partner who is lazy just like her.