Monday, October 15, 2007

- It's Not Getting Any Better

This morning I:

Made Truck Soap
Made Mop Water
Cleaned the Stretcher
Sprayed the Back
Mopped the Back
Mopped out the Cab
Disinfected Cab
Wet the Unit
Washed the unit
Rinsed the Unit
Shined Unit tires
Windexed the Glass
Rolled the Hose
Made Mop Water Again
Swept Station
Washed Dishes
Lysoled All Bathroom Surfaces.

My Partner:
-Washed one Ambulance Wall
-Told A Ghost Story
-Ordered Makeup From TV
-Complained about being ordered to Mop the Station
-Bitched when I was finishing up a run form that I was taking too long (we carpool)

Did I mention that she's not allowed to tech calls, because all though she's been hired for three months she has yet to complete our EMT-B "Boot Camp"? I. Run. Everything. Granted, it's not been a problem lately as we've had slow shifts...also, she did not stock paper towels on the unit, forcing me to clean up a guy who mud all over with 4x4s.

She also got mad at me last night because I told her she needed to do the full inventory every morning. She always seems to have an excuse when I ask her about whether she's performed her job duties.

Whenever I took Driver's Ed, I took with my football coach. I would make an excuse every time I messed up, and after three or four go-rounds, he said "Dammit, March, Next time I correct you I just want you to say 'OK, COACH, SORRY, I FUCKED UP.'

I missed a turn, and when I started to open my mouth, he gave me a look - the same look he gave the O-Line after we had -3 yards rushing after the first half, one game where he told us that if we didn't get it together, that we were going to go outside and hit the sled till we quit the team.

So I said, "OK, Coach, Sorry, I fucked up."

I'm glad my Coach made me do that. I now own up to my mistakes and try to learn from them, something I don't often see in other people.

Especially not in my partner.

Le Sigh.



Loving Annie said...

Good Monday monring MedicMarch.

She sounds like a nightmare. And shouldn't be working with that bad attitude/lazy work ethic.
Owning up to your mistakes separates the competent from the useless.

William said...

Wow. That has to be tough.

Loving Annie said...

How did it go today ?

Epijunky said...

A nightmare indeed.

Yikes. I'm fighting to get on the road, and there's EMT's who don't want to do anything that might be considered *medial*.

I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit.

JeRRTep said...

tell her that her mother doesn't work there and that if she can't do the dishes...she can't eat!!!!

then, ask for a replacement partner....but do it in a tactful manner...tell your superviser that you've done all you can do for her professional growth...

if that doesn't work...well, I guess just one can do a better job than you can anyway!!!

Good luck to you..its truly sad that these people want to be viewed as professionals but they lack the professional attitude that goes along with it...

I worked a long time to get the knowledge to pass the tests to get a state license to work as a professional to work along side a bunch of "babies"!!!!!

That's what I remember when I work with the worst of the bunch...not all are bad, some are rockin therapists, but some ....I don't know how they passed the same tests as I did!!!

someone will see the truth...don't worry about that!


Medic 61 said...

We have a guy like that at our station--so annoying! Anyway, I'm linking you on my blog if that's alright :)