Sunday, February 17, 2008

- Just a shout out... all my homies huddled around the single computer in Visalia, CA - just remember this simple rule while working in the medical field.

(puts on gieco gecko voice)

Air goes in an' out, blood goes 'round an' 'round. Any variation on this is a BAD.

Should be getting a longer pass next weekend so I'll be able to throw up some new posts. I'm still alive!



HollyB said...

Glad to hear you're makin' enough progress to be gettin' passes.

Keep up the good work, one day at a time.

Mrs. Who said...

Thank you for the 'shout out'. You've got a lot of people pullin' for you.

CNAssholes said...

We've all been busy with clinicals, but we're still pulling for you.

Keep up the good work.

-Visalia computer huddlers

techie said...

I'm happy for your progress, keep up with the good work!

(sorry, not a Visalia, but a Red Deer computer huddler)