Sunday, March 30, 2008

- In which shit hits that fan

Dear Taxpayer (bonehead):

Enclosed is your economic stimulus check! 300-600 dollars! Go on out and spend that shit!


So while I was in rehab (read: under a rock) apparently the Big Bosses came up with this little scheme: everyone gets a check to spend on crap!

Has anyone seen that episode on futurama where they do the same thing, and everyone gets 300 dollars?

Surely someone has.

By the way, if you're not reading, you need to be.

Ya jerks.



Davie said...

Seriously. When I found out about this, all I could think of was "Do I want three hundred cups of coffee or a talking tattoo?"

God bless Futurama.

EE said...

Hey MM- I hope all is well!

Cheating said...

MM! Good to see you on a roll again.

That first comic over at Married to the Sea reminds me of the 10 year old last week who could only remember one med he took... Benedryl every night before bed!