Monday, November 3, 2008

- 007

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. They've finally put a new person in Izzy's spot (insert sad MM face here). It was bound to happen sooner or later - we've gotten a large hire of EMT-Bs since a class just let out.

Our company has a clearing process that new employees have to attend - 3 weeks, roughly, although the first week is purely paper and book work. That leaves the rest of the time for 5 (or 4, if they really need you bad) orientation rides and a clear ride (unless the supervisor is busy) and then the employee is considered "Cleared" - ready to operate as a normal employee.


My new partner shall be referred to as FNG.

Actually, I'm not being fair - he wants to learn. Sure, we had to go to the gas station again last night (wait? There's TWO diesel tanks to fill up?), but hey.

I'm not really much of a teacher - I'll make sure they know how to do basic stuff, like spiking a bag or attaching the heart monitor, and then as things come up in the field I instruct as I go. To me it seems to work better then me telling them fifty things at the beginning of the shift, and then expecting them to just recall everything I said.

So I'm showing FNG how to assemble a prefill syringe and of course, our first call is a cardiac arrest.

Bulldog and Stanky, working the other unit, beat us to the scene, and the fire department and they are working the patient as we walk in. I grab a tube and tell FNG to start compressions.

"Hol up, " says Bulldog. "You don't need it."

I get a good look at the patient. Dead Right There.

"Ok, you want me to call it in?"

Stanky, Bulldog's partner, is doing his last clear ride for his paramedic. "No, no, I got it." He calls it in to dispatch.

FNG has his eyes glued to the body on the floor.

"Hey, FNG."

He does not move. I poke him. He looks up at me, looks a little sick.

"Hey. Good Job."


"Put a notch in your stethoscope, buddy." Fire, Stanky and Bulldog are suppressing their giggles.


"You got a kill on your first call. Strong work. Put a notch in your stethoscope." I hand him my pocket knife.

He just stares at it. I walk out of the room, whistling a jaunty tune.

This morning, when I told him he was but a pawn in my master plan, he laughed, but when I didn't, he stopped.

I'm going to have FUN with this one.



chuckr44 said...

You are SOO mean to FNG. :)

Medic2RN said...

They are SO cute when they are new, aren't they??

Stay Safe.

Bernice said...

Horrible... I mean horribly funny.

Of course it is only funny because I am not him.

Walt Trachim said...

Enjoy yourself.


Bernice said...

Oh and FYI...