Thursday, September 23, 2010

- Medals

I am not in the line of fire, although most shifts I encounter life-ending contagious diseases. I am not a hero, but most shifts I help save a life. I'm not a rich man, but I help enrich lives. I'm not a counselor, but I've comforted more grieving family members then some psychiatrists.

I'm not much. I'm two years of crunch medical training inside a delicate fleshbag that's as susceptible to the trauma of everyday life as anyone else.

I don't have a gun or handcuffs.

I don't have flame retardant clothing or a breathing apparatus.

All I have is a stethoscope, a bag of salt water enhanced with chemistry, and my own assessment skills to keep me ahead of the game and to help save your ass.

I don't wear my medals. I don't take them. I'm doing my job.

I am a medic.

And I am proud.