Thursday, December 30, 2010

- For those of you under a rock...

....Confessions of an EMS Newbie, featuring my bloggy daddy Ambulance Driver, is a GREAT podcast that covers a rookie's journey through Basic and Paramedic Class. Check it out!


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Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is Tammy. I am a 52 year old career Paramedic and Paramedic Instructor who was put out on Disability in 2009. I live with my 22 year old son. We live in North Carolina. I write this in the hopes of getting help from kind, more fortunate people. I spent 20 years helping and teaching people as a Paramedic before I had to go out on Disability. I make $933.00 a month on Disability. My rent takes over half that. My electricity takes another $250.00. I make 'too much' to get Medicaid, so I have Medicare which still costs a lot for Doctor's visits and Medications....and I am on a lot. I am not eligible for food stamps because I make 'too much'. I have exhausted every avenue available to me and cannot find help anywhere. My son is desperately searching for a job, which is all we would need to make it, but has had no luck. No one is hiring. He has applied for work everywhere in our city, nearby cities, and online. It's just impossible in this economy to find a job.
I am asking for ANY donations anyone could make. I am trying to get enough money to pay my rent up a few months in advance so that we can eat and get my medications until my son can find employment. Any amount that anyone can make would be a blessing and greatly appreciated!! I am not used to asking strangers for help, and this is very hard for me to do, but I am desperate. I have no family that can help me financially, and the Government will do nothing for me beyond my Disability check...which I worked very hard for all my life.

Please, please help me if you can...any amount will help.

Please mail any donation to:

Tammy Peaden

2509 Charles Blvd., Apt. 72

Greenville, NC


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please pass this along to anyone that might want to help me...Thank you!