Saturday, November 19, 2011

- Scaramedics

I was not a good paramedic when I first started out. Shit, I wasn't even a very competent Basic. I mean, I did OK, no truly grievous fuck-ups, but I was not Basic of the Year material. I tried, but in retrospect, I could have tried harder. I think my youth may have played into it a little, and for those of you that have been reading this blog for a while, you know that my off-duty activities played into it as well. Water under the bridge now, but not that far downstream. To be honest I didn't think when I was 19 that I would still be paramedicing when I was 26. I'm getting older I suppose - it seems like time is flying now, as opposed to when I first started.

I feel like now I've reached comfortable level of proficiency. The new guys ask me questions and I explain things, and it's not till later I realize they ask me because they trust me and/or because I've been here so long. There's only one medic senior to me on my shift.

There's been a lot of changes in protocols, equipment, and management. I've worked 3 disasters in 7 years (2 hurricanes and an oil spill). My old partner Izzy is going to be a doctor in a year. Best Partner Ever is probably next in line for a supervisory position. Ink has his own ambulance as a paramedic, and Fabio is in paramedic school. Red is in nursing school and almost done. I've taught them things I've meant to, and some things that I haven't. I could've been more patient. I could be more patient now. But really, I've had a pretty good bunch of guys and girls to work with.

...but I tell you, over the past 5 months I've had four new basics. It's driving me nuts. One was a whiner, one showed up drunk and then got a DUI, one rammed our unit into 3 a foot pole....sometimes I wonder where they're digging these people up.